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Today’s installment of Real Life Glam features former teen queen and now full-fledged adult singer, JoJo! It’s been a decade since she shook the music world with her first single ”Leave (Get Out)” and became the youngest artist to reach the top of the music charts. After a seven year stalemate with her former label Blackground Music, the Los Angeles Times recently announced that she’d signed with Atlantic Records. Fans rejoiced.

In our exclusive interview with her, JoJo opens up about where she gets her inspiration from, her tattoos and more. Read on to learn about where she’s headed and what makes this singer tick! (Continue Reading…)

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When JoJo sings it sounds like pure confection: her hushed tones are a deep, slightly burned caramel, and she climbs her way, strawberry licorice strong, to ascend a graceful, cotton candy peak. But when Joanna Levesque, the 23-year-old Boston-born, L.A.-based singer speaks, there is no coy sweetness. Instead, she is thoughtful and direct, and thinks nothing of tossing in the occasional F-bomb. (Continue Reading…)

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JoJo is back!

And while the former teen singer is now all grown up (she’s 23!), don’t expect her to start using her given name — Joanna Levesque — when she’s performing. (Read More…)

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